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HR Professional of the Year 2023 Nomination Form

    Charlotte County SHRM has many exceptional human resource professionals in its chapter.   CCSHRM seeks candidates who represent “the best of the best”. They are strategic business partners – individuals who serve as role models for the profession, who are leaders rather than followers, who set standards for others and the profession, and who apply their professional expertise outside of their organization. 

    The nominee must be a current Charlotte County SHRM member in good standing. The nominee has demonstrated commitment to the profession, a strong record of contribution to the field, and impeccable ethical standards and behavior. Use the guidelines below for your documentation of why you feel this individual is deserving of this award.

    • Human Resource Management Achievements
    1. Describe the overall contribution the nominee has made to benefit his/her employer.  Particularly highlight two successful, outstanding human resource management approaches, innovations, and creative ideas within the last three years.  Additionally, describe how the nominee has become a strategic business partner with senior management.  
    2. What are the most significant contributions the nominee has made to the human resource management field?  Describe the scope and nature of these contributions.
    • Professional/Community Leadership Achievements
    1. Describe the overall contributions that the nominee has made to the human resource management profession by contributing his/her expertise or services to Charlotte County SHRM, SHRM, other local human resource groups, or business roundtables.  Highlight one or two particular contributions.
    2. Describe volunteer leadership roles the nominee has performed in the local community.  This includes active participation in business, civic and/or charitable organizations, and would reflect the dedication of personal time, personal resources or personal expertise in helping to better the community.
    Use the guidelines above (Human Resource Management Achievements and Professional/Community Leadership Achievements) for your documentation of why you feel this individual is deserving of this award.
    Provide the names, addresses, and daytime telephone numbers (e-mail if available) of three professional references. These references may be members of management from the nominee’s place of employment, members of professional organizations, management representatives from the community who can attest to the contribution of the nominee and his/her ethical standards and conduct.
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