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    If you are thinking about joining our association, you will find the information provide below will help you in the applicatoin process. Included is: who can join; what the membership fees are; and links to the application form. We thank you for considering becoming one of our valued local CCSHRM Chapter members and are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

    Who can Join?

    Membership may be granted to persons who, at the time of application, are at least one of the following:

    • Responsibly engaged in the practice of human resources management with at least one to three years experience in human resources work or the equivalent.
    • Demonstrate a bona-fide interest in human resources management and the CCSHRM association.
    • Hold an assistant, associate, or full professional rank in human resources management or specialized phases as a faculty members of an accredited college or university, AND who have one to three years experience at this level, or the equivalent.

    Membership Dues and Fees

    Membership dues cover the period from January 1 through December 31.

    • Local Membership Only - $50
    • Local & National Membership - If you are a national SHRM member at the time of application, your Local CCSHRM Chapter membership dues are $40 provided the application incudes your SHRM membership number.
    • Retired/Student Membership- $25

    See links on left to Apply for or Renew your Membership


    SHRM National Membership - Better Together

    Explore the benefits of SHRM national and local Charlotte County SHRM membership at this link.